John Dowland
… may be sung to the Lute, Orpherian or Viol de gambo. (1597)


• Now, oh now, I needs must part

• Say love if ever thou didst find

• Come again

• Wilt thou unkind thus reave me

Tobias Hume
… to be sung to the Viol with the Lute, or better with the Viol alone. (1605)


• Fain would I change

• Alas poor men

• Tobacco

Thomas Ford
When you sing alone to the Basse … (1607)


• Unto the temple of thy beauty

William Corkine
… some to sing and play to the Base-Violl alone. (1612)


• Down proud mind

Georg Kroneis


• I wouldn't care if you were blind

• Come viol, come, let me thy neck embrace

• I can't quit loving

trad. / arr. Georg Kroneis


• Scarborough Fair

• Now the spring is come

… some instrumentals of course won't be missing

• Arpeggio

• Good again

• A Soldier's Resolution